For us “ABJAH” stands for a Fictitious Pretty women, who admires jewellery and is someone who is ex- perimental with her attires, but at the same time she would like her things to be balanced. Its for the mod- ern women who desire to have her mothers authentic traditional jewellery to be more contemporary. she is someone who has two worlds and would want it to be equally balanced in both the places aesthetically.

“ABJAH” is a jewelry Brand which focuses on the indian old techniques and new modern techniques of jewelry. The speciality is that it not only uses the old and new technique but the design language also is an amalgamation of the old and new. Traditionally contemporary is what it shouts. We not only want to spread the Tradition but also want to serve people new and authentic products.

“ABJAH” is Brand for new age ornaments and Home decor rooted in unpretentious and rustic India.The Brand has evolved out of understanding of the con- temporary products and serving the jewellery at on-line platform.”handmade with industrial” - because we believe it is as important to revive the traditions as to stay industrial.Abjah is an intriguing Style of simplicity, effortlessness and Culture.


“ABJAH” is an online jewellery brand which serves the new age generation keeping in mind the consumer and the needs of the market. It fulfils the necessity of contemporary design in all traditional techniques and styles of indian jewellery, Its uniqueness is its antique finish gold jewellery. The exquiste quality of the product and almost all catergories and range of products from maangtika to toe ring.Also, it not only claimes to serve the new world it also has old traditional designs and customization. You will find all the ecelectic things here.

Vision : To make People aware of the old age tech- niques and serve the same in precise quality Range so it can reach people, and also to make all kinds of jewellery available online for everyone Help the artisans of india, With our handmade + industrial Idea.


Our category of product is very wide, as we deal in jewellery we serve almost every type and style of jewellery, we take our inspiration from the indiginous lands, nature’s intricacies, and Religious aspects of Human life.

Our product categories are -Rings, earrings, pandents, chains & necklaces, Long harems, Bangles & bracelets, Wedding jewellery sets,Solitaire jewellery, Gemstone jewellery, religious jewellery,Nosepins, Armbands, Waistbelts, Anklets, Maangtikas, Toe rings, Home decor, Dinner sets, Tea sets, Puja Sets, Silver God Figures, Artifacts.The techniques that we use are - Taarkashi, Thaapa, Nakashi/temple, Jadau, Meenakari, Filigree, Etching, Inlay, Two-toned jewellery, Thewa and etc.