Festooned Forest

Interpreting the tropical beauty, the gradiant greenery and the effortless aspects of forest. This collection is a true inspiration for the nature lovers and travellers. We call it a “caged wilderness in silver”.

Mythical Intricacies

For the Intricate details and astonishingly fine carving on stones of the temples. We bring you eccentric, idealised & utmost frozen expressions of hindu gods and goddesses.

The Pearls of Desire

or the Symphonies of the shades of white delicacies. This collection pays hommage to the delicate Beautiful pearls finely bezelled and set around the Intricate silver pieces.

Tusks & Horns

Inspired from the majestic animals and their elements,texture and the body forms, the collection is reinterpreted in a minimal artsy form. These cuffs are inspired from the fierce and euphoric characteristic of faunas, it talks about the ancient indian warfares and pride victories of these creatures in ancient times

Tales of Fayruz

“Fayruz” is an arabic word for Turquoise. The collection talks about the intricacies, story-telling art, and impact of islamic music and art frozen at its utmost expressions. showing The beautiful turquoise mosques of Samarkand city to the turquoise domes of Afganisthan, the place where the history had a great impact on,where time has been very passionate about every minute details of craftsmanship.


“taksanam” is a sanskrit word for carvings. This collection is inspired from the indigenous hindu temples of india, it is about all the minute details on the ceiling and the facades, it focuses on the carvings and the detailed forms of the floral patterns with the high relief texture. and to make this collection one of the oldest techniques of silver repousse is used.