Introducing Abjah

Thappa : a technique as old as the early civlizations
February 11, 2018

A sanskrit word means something or someone born from water, a lotus, or it is also used to address Godess Laxmi. A beautiful act of rebirth from the Mythological tale of“Samudra Manthan”, Lakshi the the Goddess of Fortune and Wealth reborns and accepts Vishnu as His eternal consort.

Being the Goddess of Wealth she has a pot of gold coins and a lotus on which she dwell. Abjah is for new age ornaments and homedecor rooted in unpretentious and rustic India.The Brand has evolved out of understanding of contemporary products and serving the jewellery at an online platform – ‘handmade with industrial.’ is our motto. Abjah is an intriguing style of simplicity, effortlessness and culture.